The Get Down .. The Netflix series & its early Hip Hop Fashion and Disco Glamour

The Get Down and it’s iconic fashion of the 70’s was recreated with much thought & process. A lot of digging through vintage stores & rentals in New York. Getting the fabric and details were necessary and the results were spot on. 70’s designers Diane von Furstenberg, Halston, and Gucci opened up their archives for the show for research.

70s halston inspired dress


The Get Down by Baz Luhrmann, involved Grandmaster Flash and hip hop historian Nas. Consultants include Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Rahiem of the Furious Five, hip-hop’s first national recording star Kurtis Blow, Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambaataa and even Kool Herc, the bedrock figure who invented hip-hop in a South Bronx rec room in 1972.



get down


The perspective of the show is meant to make you feel fully immersed in the time period Everything is through a heightened perspective, in the same way anyone thinks of their own childhood–things are always bigger and more colorful than you remember them.” *I’ve share bits from two articles (find links below for their whole stories).

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*For more Photos on The Get Down Fashions designed by Jeriana San Juan who brings the era back to life … Instagram

*Catch both seasons now on Netflix