Guest DJ Eddie Z Serrano of New York New York on Back To The Boogie Radio Show!

DJ Eddie Serrano ny ny

We have the pleasure of sharing a mix set by DJ Eddie Z Serrano. Eddie is the Guest DeeJay on “Back To The Boogie Radio Show.” He is from New York, New York.  And if you ever headed to clubs in NYC, like the Night Gallery, Les Mouche, Bond’s International or The Saint, chances are you may have been dancing to DJ Serrano! Here is Eddie’s bio …
DJ Eddie Serrano’s Disco ProfileIn the summer of 1975 I was 17 years old and I saw a DJ playing music at a school yard. It was the first time I ever saw a DJ playing music, his name was Apache, and we became good friends and are still friends today. On one Saturday night that same year, I was invited to a house party and there I met a very creative DJ, his name was Tony Garcia. After hearing him I knew I wanted to be a DJ, he was ahead of his time and had a great following. We became good friends for years. He now runs his own record company called High Power Records; his brother who is also a good friend of mine is called Mickey Garcia which also has his own record company called Mic Mac Records, he is also an excellent DJ.
1975 – I started spinning records as a mobile DJ. I played at numerous weddings, graduations, sweet sixteen’s, etc. I was a mobile for about 3 years. My first record pool was called Disco Den on 125th Street Harlem. 1977 – While still being a mobile DJ I got to play at my first club it was a small place in the Bronx, NY called Funky’s, I played there for a while to a predominantly Italian audience. The funny thing about that club was the crowd’s requests. They only wanted to hear the same records over and over again. Boogie Ogie Ogie, Macho Man, Copacabana, etc. 1979 – I played at a club called The White House in Queens, NY, this club would open at 11:00pm – 7:00am to an after hour crowd. Later In 1979 I started working at a club called The Night Gallery on West 23rd Street, NYC not to be mistaken for the famous club called The Gallery where Nicky Siano was the house DJ. While being a DJ at the Night Gallery I joined another record pool called Inter-Metro Record Pool on 225 Lafayette Street, New York, Dwayne Dixon was the pool director. Through out the years I’ve had the pleasure of hearing and sometimes meeting many great DJ’s during the disco era and I learned a lot from them. I got to hear Joey from Starship Discovery 1, Jim Burgess at the Infinity. When it came to dancing I was pretty much a closet dancer but one night I went to the infinity by myself and he got me to dance and the funny thing is none of my friends were there to see me dance The next thing you know Jim Burgess throws in Linda Clifford “If My Friends Could See Me Now” at that moment. That blew me away.
1980 While still playing for The Night Gallery I got to do a few guess spots at a club called Park Villa II in Staten Island. I was originally asked to play there for one night only but was asked to return a few more times, when my pool director first mentioned a club in Staten Island my first impression was that it was going to be a little place, but to my surprise it was a pretty large club. I really enjoyed playing there. 1981 – I got to play at my first known large club called Bonds International on West 43rd Street, NY. For a few nights. Now that was a big club, one of the things I enjoyed was when I would play the top song of the night the crowd would respond pretty load and I would get a rush from that. 1982 – I became one of the house DJ’s at Les Mouches, at this club is where I started to get noticed from records labels. I remember one night when I was playing to a packed audience a person from a record company came and asked me to play a test pressing, he had two copies and asked me what can You do with the two copies, so I first listened to it through my headphones it sounded great so I took a chance and played it and the crowd went crazy. The song was “Walking On Sunshine” by Rockers Revenge. After I was through mixing the records the person said I could keep them that really made my night, my apologies for not remembering his name. While working at Les Mouches I joined For The Record, record pool, Judy Weinstein was the pool director. That’s were I had the pleasure in meeting many DJ’s I admired like Dan “Pooch” Pucciarelli, David Morales, Jeff Glick and many others. 1986 – I got to spin a few nights at a well known club called The Underground on 17th Street & Broadway. The parties I got to spin for were Salsa/Dance night, where I would play dance music and a band would do the Salsa sets. It’s where I also got to meet one of my favorite DJ’s. Jim Burgess who was one of the house DJ’s. 1987 – Was a great year because I got to work at The Saint. It was the best club that I’ve had the pleasure of being one of the house DJ’s. It was the most beautiful and unique club I have ever seen. My first night spinning there I had the pleasure of hanging out with D-Train who was going to perform that evening in the booth with me before his performance. As one of the house DJ’s, I was honored to be working in the same club as Robbie Leslie as well as Warren Gluck. Through out my spinning career I have to say that it was hard with all the politics as well as being very rewarding, the music that has always been closes to my heart has always been the music called disco.
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