Disco Nirvana Rituals of a Party Girl

On Back To The Boogie Radio Show, we bring music to reminisce the 70’s, 80’s & 90s. High Energy Dance Music. In the 70’s & 80’s, part of the Saturday Night Ritual was the act of getting ready to go out to boogie the night away with your posse.

Some of my girls would all meet up at the disco, but a few of my girlfriends & I had a ceremonial gathering at one particular friend’s house, who had a walk-in closet with clothes & shoes in all sizes ..She had a bohemian flair and wardrobe to match her style. It was as close to being in a thrift store as you possibly could get on a Saturday night around 10 pm. We shared libations, tell stories while we’d pick out outfits and doll ourselves up at her cool art deco-inspired vanity applying makeup all to the disco beat. It was the absolute best start to the rest of the party evening.

We may not get together as often but when we get we ladies get together, we feel exactly the same when we head out to a dance floor where my hubby is usually promoting a disco dance party.


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