Retro DJs

Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos

Freaky Frankie Ramos.jpga

Music has always been a part of Frank’s life. His musical career started unofficially during his sister Norma’s graduation party where he volunteered to play all the party hits of that year. His start professionally came in 1975. He performed at club  Dejavu in West Park NY. The house deejay didn’t show up one night and Frank asked the owner to fill in. Frank had no idea of the process of mixing beat for beat. The best way to learn was head to NYC to a club called The Hollywood where his mentor, Richie Kaczor was spinning (later Kaczor was the Deejay at Studio 54). Frank would go & write down his mixes & ask tons of questions. Kaczor was always a gentlemen and helped Frank gain the confidence and his natural talent brought success to the many nightclubs he performed. After a 17 year retirement…Freaky Frankie has returned and seems to have never missed a beat! Now Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos can add to this bio the opportunity to do his thing on the air with The Ground Radio. A dream he is now fulfilling and is excited about capturing the crowd ready to reminisce & give his audience special treats every now and then with guests, interviews and of course good music. He hopes to bring a variety of ideas to the table when he takes you “Back To The Boogie.” Listen to Frankie’s mix sets on Mixcloud

DJ Ralph Encarnacion, Austin Texas

DJ Ralph Encarnacion

DJ Ralph Encarnacion, Austin Texas

Ralph was born in PR and raised in Plattekill, NY. Moved to Texas in 1976, just by luck, the disco he went to had a world class DJ that took Ralph under his wing, and taught him the art of not only beat mixing, but arranging. Ralph deejayed for 10 years and you can now find his mixed sets of disco, classic rock, salsa, latin, and even opera mixes. DJ Ralph’s mixes can be found at Panotaker, Soundcloud and Youtube

Deejay Jose, Miami Florida

Jose Hernandez 4 ground

DeeJay Jose Miami Florida

Father of two children, oldest my son at 17 followed by my daughter 12. Married to a my beautiful and extraordinary wife, Sandra, for almost 20 years. We live in Miami, Florida and I have been here most of my life. Born 1964 in Havana, Cuba and migrated to the US in 1968. Lived in NY until 1974 and then my parents decided to move to Miami. That’s where my love of music started and oddly enough, it was with Salsa music from some of the great early pioneers, such as Celia Cruz and the Fania All Stars. My father was one of 11 brothers and sisters, so I had a large family in Miami. My love of disco began during the 1976 to 1978 years when just about  every week I was at one of my many cousin’s house parties. To read more of Jose’s Bio  … To hear his mix sets … Mixcloud

DjTony Ioannoy, Athens Greece

Dj Tony loannoy 4

When I was 13 years old, I went to an old fashioned Discotheque here in Athens and I saw the famous DjPalmer (Computer Guy) in action. He was soooo good, so impressive, he played with 3 Technics and he was talking to the microphone at the same time!!!! “That’s it” I said…..I want to be like him!!!
I started as a professional deejay 3 years later, in 1986, at the age of 16, in a disco in Faliro – Athens.Those days, the hits were Samantha Fox, Rick Astley, Whitney Houston….
Many disco’s and clubs since then,were my stations….Actual Disco, Paradise, Totem, Draft, Studio 54 Athens, Cinderella and many more ….
I’m still deejaying as a guest around Greece and only with my big love VINYLS the opposite way like all new dj’s, play music using laptops or pc. I use my old fashion vinyls as an original 80’s disc jockey should do. : – ) Full circle moment … from 2008 since 2014, I worked as a duo with my inspiration master, DjPalmer !!
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Stereo Steve Sherratt, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

stereo steve1stereo steve2

Stereo Steve

Steve Sherratt
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

While I was researching deejays that could possibly share their mixes on “Back To The Boogie,” I came across Stereo Steve, who has a radio show, Club Retro. He had a great collection of dance songs playing and I reached out to him. We welcome Stereo Steve and thank him for sharing mix sets to the show!

Stereo Steve was 15 when he began training as a deejay and has been spinning since 1977. Steve worked in commercial radio for 12 years. For 10 of those years, Steve has his own radio show every Saturday night, Club Retro, in Bundaberg. Steve has thousands of rare retro remixes and megamixes that play on his radio station on a daily & nightly basis. Many deejays from around the world send him their mixes for his radio show.

Club Retro has a “new location” …. Catch it here

Dj Bigalwiz,  Alain Blais of Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec


dj Bigalwiz

Dj Bigalwiz, Alain Blais of Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec

Alain has been a deejay for over 35 years.
He started spinning in clubs at the end of the seventies. Alain had his own mobile Disco for almost 15 years as well. Dj Bigalwiz migrated to the digital world in the mid 90’s until today. He says, “I’ve been a music lover for all of my life, and my goal is to share my passion for these sounds with you all. My reward is to have you smile, and keep you coming back for more, one listener at a time.”
In Regards to His Style: Alain says, “I play many EDM styles from Dance House to Future House to Electro House but my first passion is finding and playing that Disco Classic Remake.”

DJ Ray Morales, Newburgh, New York

dj rayMeet DJ Ray Morales, Newburgh, NY, who began his career in the Boogie Down Bronx.
It all started for Ray as a hobby that became a DJ Production. Ray Morales says, “From 1978 to 1987, I use to spin at club Intimos in the Bronx every Friday and Saturday. The crowd showed their love as I would play freestyle, house, and latin”.
Ray stays busy as a mobile deejay doing various parties, both corporate & private. He is a favorite at Poughkeepsie’s Fireman Exempt doing a salsa night, which is called Sofrito Night, once a month. DJ Ray is a “hot commodity” for private parties, weddings & nightclubs with his diverse playlist collection. DJ Services including Mobile , Clubs, Special Events, Corporate Parties, Weddings, Sweet Sixteen, Anniversary and more….
To check out DJ Ray’s mix sets on Soundcloud
Phone: 845-542-9333 Email:

DJ Stéfan d’Autun, France

dj stefan

His love of disco began:
1975 appeared the first disco sounds on our radios here in France. In 1973, when I was 10 … my older brothers started going to discos and brought the K7s audio recorded by the DJS at the time. This music, disco, soul & funk was clearly the music that touched me. It was a positive emotional shock & that was when the passion was born and has never extinguished. I wanted to know how the DJs came to mix & chain them in tempo, “in da beat”. There was continuity in rhythm, I found magical. When I listen, the emotional burden remains strong. Around 12 or 13 years old, with 2 stereo hi-fi systems, a buddy & I started to organize “booms” (party) in the afternoon in the city and it reaped success. I continued to improve my equipment and at 16 I did a lot of teen parties. By 18 at the Sequoia Club, I volunteered myself for their absent DJ. Afterwards, I had to admit my age and never returned. My first club DJ name was “DJ STF” and then “Geronimo” (from a film I worshipped with Jerry Lewis) and because I was screaming all the time “Geronimoooo” into the mike as a war cry to stimulate the dancefloor, dancers & clubbers. By then I wanted to go back to the source of my roots, Disco, Funk & Soul with my current name, Stéfan D’Autun, because I’m “Autunois” (home and heart), born in Autun. For 3 years I did a monthly residency on ”Generation Soul Disco Funk” Web Radio.
From now on, I belong to no one and I continue to play for my pleasure at private parties and sharing my music on the web to be accessible to everyone & free. The Internet is the largest nightclub in the world with the biggest dancefloor in the universe??!
Merci a toutes les personnes qui ont fait de moi en partie ce que je suis. (Thank you to all the people who have made me part of what I am.)

deej ZENO – New York, New York

DJ Zeno

Born and raised in New York’s Upper West Side, mixing audio has been in Zeno’s DNA from day one. Following his love for music and DJing, he studied audio engineer and worked as a recording engineer. He worked along side such DJs and producers as Todd Terry, Norty Cotto and Patrick Adams.

This led him to create his own label, Z-Note Records and released “Don’t Want To Go” an underground freestyle track.

Looking to bring his mixing prowess to more intimate lounge venues, Zeno created AboveNY, where he teams up with local DJs. Together they showcase their DJ skills with House, Latin, and Classic music genres.



DJ Mr. Blondie, Venice, Italy

DJ Mr. blondie venice italy

D.J. Mr. Blondie was born near Venice (Italy). His passion for music and vinyls already started in the late 60s, when he was a child, he listened to many 45rpm a day using an old and mini record player. In 1974 his father gave him his first hi-fi. As a D.J. he began his career in 1978 when he collaborated with a couple of friends in founding an F.M. (italian free) Radio Station called “Radio Eraclea Centrale”. This station, innovative for its time, had some success during the first years and d.j. Mr. Blondie did some Radio Shows such as Charts. In the 1982 this F.M. station interrupted its radio broadcasting but d.j. Mr. Blondie, in the meantime, had started to work in discotheque where he was able to offer and mix some musical genres such as Funky, Soul, Disco, Italo Disco and “Afro Cosmic” also called “Cosmic Disco”. This last one is a particular combination of music styles that were developed and promoted by some DJs in some Discos of northern Italy from the late 1970s through the mid-1980s, the sound is psychedelic, churning, hypnotic, but not at all frenetic. D.J. Mr. Blondie kept working in Disco’s till 1988, after that he didn’t hang up his headphones because at home he owns some hardware such as mixer, turntables to rotate original vinyls but also control vinyls, audio key station (keyboard), drum machine and so on… Now for him this is a hobby, no more his work, anyway in his well-equipped room he currently keeps producing new mixed compilations about 70’s and 80’s music for fun.

Deejay Eddie Serrano, New York, New York

DJ Eddie Serrano ny ny

DJ Eddie Z Serrano is the Guest DeeJay on “Back To The Boogie Radio Show.” He is from Manhattan, New York. Here is Eddie’s bio …
DJ Eddie Serrano’s Disco Profile In the summer of 1975 I was 17 years old and I saw a DJ playing music at a school yard. It was the first time I ever saw a DJ playing music, his name was Apache, and we became good friends and are still friends today. On one Saturday night that same year, I was invited to a house party and there I met a very creative DJ, his name was Tony Garcia. After hearing him I knew I wanted to be a DJ, he was ahead of his time and had a great following. We became good friends for years. He now runs his own record company called High Power Records; his brother who is also a good friend of mine is called Mickey Garcia which also has his own record company called Mic Mac Records, he is also an excellent DJ.
1975 – I started spinning records as a mobile DJ. I played at numerous weddings, graduations, sweet sixteen’s, etc. I was a mobile for about 3 years. My first record pool was called Disco Den on 125th Street Harlem. 1977 – While still being a mobile DJ I got to play at my first club it was a small place in the Bronx, NY called Funky’s, I played there for a while to a predominantly Italian audience. The funny thing about that club was the crowd’s requests. They only wanted to hear the same records over and over again. Boogie Ogie Ogie, Macho Man, Copacabana, etc. 1979 – I played at a club called The White House in Queens, NY, this club would open at 11:00pm – 7:00am to an after hour crowd. Later In 1979 I started working at a club called The Night Gallery on West 23rd Street, NYC not to be mistaken for the famous club called The Gallery where Nicky Siano was the house DJ. While being a DJ at the Night Gallery I joined another record pool called Inter-Metro Record Pool on 225 Lafayette Street, New York, Dwayne Dixon was the pool director. Through out the years I’ve had the pleasure of hearing and sometimes meeting many great DJ’s during the disco era and I learned a lot from them. I got to hear Joey from Starship Discovery 1, Jim Burgess at the Infinity. When it came to dancing I was pretty much a closet dancer but one night I went to the infinity by myself and he got me to dance and the funny thing is none of my friends were there to see me dance The next thing you know Jim Burgess throws in Linda Clifford “If My Friends Could See Me Now” at that moment. That blew me away.
1980 – While still playing for The Night Gallery I got to do a few guess spots at a club called Park Villa II in Staten Island. I was originally asked to play there for one night only but was asked to return a few more times, when my pool director first mentioned a club in Staten Island my first impression was that it was going to be a little place, but to my surprise it was a pretty large club. I really enjoyed playing there. 1981 – I got to play at my first known large club called Bonds International on West 43rd Street, NY. For a few nights. Now that was a big club, one of the things I enjoyed was when I would play the top song of the night the crowd would respond pretty load and I would get a rush from that. 1982 – I became one of the house DJ’s at Les Mouches, at this club is where I started to get noticed from records labels. I remember one night when I was playing to a packed audience a person from a record company came and asked me to play a test pressing, he had two copies and asked me what can You do with the two copies, so I first listened to it through my headphones it sounded great so I took a chance and played it and the crowd went crazy. The song was “Walking On Sunshine” by Rockers Revenge. After I was through mixing the records the person said I could keep them that really made my night, my apologies for not remembering his name. While working at Les Mouches I joined For The Record, record pool, Judy Weinstein was the pool director. That’s were I had the pleasure in meeting many DJ’s I admired like Dan “Pooch” Pucciarelli, David Morales, Jeff Glick and many others. 1986 – I got to spin a few nights at a well known club called The Underground on 17th Street & Broadway. The parties I got to spin for were Salsa/Dance night, where I would play dance music and a band would do the Salsa sets. It’s where I also got to meet one of my favorite DJ’s. Jim Burgess who was one of the house DJ’s. 1987 – Was a great year because I got to work at The Saint. It was the best club that I’ve had the pleasure of being one of the house DJ’s. It was the most beautiful and unique club I have ever seen. My first night spinning there I had the pleasure of hanging out with D-Train who was going to perform that evening in the booth with me before his performance. As one of the house DJ’s, I was honored to be working in the same club as Robbie Leslie as well as Warren Gluck. Through out my spinning career I have to say that it was hard with all the politics as well as being very rewarding, the music that has always been closes to my heart has always been the music called disco.
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DJ Gilbert Hamel, Saint-Basile Le Grand Quebec

“Music Is My Life”


As a kid, I was listening to the early Disco years. Later on I was listening a live show from the legendary LimeLight. It’s at that time I decided to be a DJ. I Started in clubs in 1980 ended in 2010, since I’m on the web. The reason why I love Disco it’s because of it’s ”happy side” and the orchestral as well.


Links to DJ Gilbert

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DJ Alejandro Alba, Dominican Republic

alejandro alba2

A native New Yorker, born in 1968, raised to appreciate a wide range of sounds that helped shape my musical culture. By the time I was 10, Disco Music was at the fore front of the country and the emergence of stations like WKTU [Disco 92] and weekend dance shows on WBLS exposed me to the art of mixing. I instantly became a fan and understudy of the DJ mixers like Ted Currier.
By my 11th birthday I asked my parents for a mixer and 2 turntables, and by Christmas 1979 I was trying to recreate all the mixes I was listening and recording off the radio. In the early 80s my parents decided to move back to their native country of Dominican Republic, where I went to High School and later, college. Meanwhile, throughout the 80s, I was inserted into the Mobile DJ scene of the DR, which exposed me to several Radio Talents with whom I established a professional relationship.
In the late 90s, I became Producer/ Program Director and later GM, of a popular Radio Station [La Rocka 91.7FM]. My Radio career ended in 2006 after an 11 year run where I produced shows like: El Bonche del Viernes [1997-2002], Retro Dance Mix [1997-2002], La Patrulla de la Noche [1999-2002], ElektroPoP [2002-2006]. These shows were mostly House [all sorts] and 80s Dance [in all its forms].
My favorite genres have been: DISCO, Garage House and Deep House
Over the years, I have been very fortunate to collect many of my recorded shows throughout my radio career. Including some that were remotes from various clubs and broadcasted live on radio. After my radio career, I founded a very successful company that provides Media Monitoring services for advertisers and Media Agencies. Currently I’m still mixing as a hobby [all forms of music], just because I’ve never been able to get the music out of my system.
Since Disco Music was what got me started, and it’s the genre that I least was able to mix professionally, I started my DISCO DR profile on mixcloud allowing me to share some of the greatest music that has helped shape many professional DJ’s throughout the last 40 years!

dj grimm1DJ Grimm of Brooklyn

Our guest Deejay Grimm comes from Brooklyn NY … Here is how his love of music began.
“I guess my love of music started with my pops watching him shake his maracas or scratch on his guiro to the beat of Guaguanco that blasted from his Fisher turntable.  It then grew stronger during the grand era of Disco when my sister would spin me around the room to the sound of Native New Yorker as she tried out her new steps with me. It was completed when I use to watch the Deejays out in Marlboro Projects in Brooklyn connecting their equipment to the light poles and jammin’ all night long to the sounds of “Love is the Message”. My range of music covers a large spectrum from Motown and Classic Rock and continues through to New Jack Swing, but I gotta say my favorite is gotta be “Freestyle.”

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