Our Vision

Promo photo Back to the Boogie

Co Hosts, Frank & Carla Ramos want to make the world more connected. The format for “Back To The Boogie” on The Ground Radio is a 2 hour show that consists of an hour mix set and an hour of music, themes, conversation with regards to the glory days of the disco subculture, at clubs, bars, fashion, even political matters.

Dee Jays around the world love disco/retro 70s & 80s music.

Frank has reached out to deejays from the states throughout the planet. From London, Greece, Australia, Siberia, Canada & more, to be a part of our show by sharing their mix sets of classic disco dance music and including it in the first hour of the show.

It gives the audience the flavor how music moves each deejay internationally and we experience their influence of “clubbing” with the united desire to dance to the syncopated beat.  Our dream is a documentary …. a story we want to share through documented interviews, audio & video on how music (disco included) can unite us all.