Discoisms or Colloquialisms for Disco Wisdom

dance It’s what I need to make it through some days ~

Quotes are a meaningful collection of words that transpire to thoughts to provoke, inspire, motivate or contemplate. Quotes can be a jump-start or shortcut to some wisdom or philosophy that are in your “go to” arsenal for solving life’s day to day decisions.

On our radio show Back To The Boogie, we bring you the music & discography of the Disco days. Host FreakyFrankieDJRamos will be bringing us words of Disco Wisdom or what I call “Discoisms” for you to recall and ponder.

Dear Monday …

Thanks for having the word “mon” in you. That’s French for “mine” and it makes me think of you as My Day and frankly that sounds more promising!!! Tune in to the Ground Radio at noon tomorrow, (Monday).  We are going to boogie your lunch time away with sounds from Stereo Steve’s Club Retro from Bundaberg Australia (the show will be on at 2 am Tuesday, Aussie Time for you insomniacs!) with a mix set by DJ Match of Mexico…A Disco Nooner!!!! www.theground.town or TuneIn http://tunein.com/radio/The-Ground-s261201/

21 rebroadcast

Stereo Steve Club Retro of Australia

stereo steve1stereo steve2

Stereo Steve

Steve Sherratt
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

While I was researching deejays that could possibly share their mixes on “Back To The Boogie,” I came across Stereo Steve, who has a radio show, Club Retro. He had a great collection of dance songs playing and I reached out to him. We welcome Stereo Steve and thank him for sharing mix sets to the show!

Stereo Steve was 15 when he began training as a deejay and has been spinning since 1977. Steve worked in commercial radio for 12 years. For 10 of those years, Steve had his own radio show every Saturday night, Club Retro, in Bundaberg. Steve now has thousands of rare retro remixes and megamixes that play on his new site of Club Retro   on a daily & nightly basis. Many deejays from around the world send him their mixes for his radio show.

Back To The Boogie Radio Show is on a mission of bringing our audience mixed disco sets by those deejays that have an enamoration to the boogie music that depicts the Disco era. We are grateful for Steve’s contributions to our show.


Club Retro has a “new location” …. Catch it here

About Last Night

If You Were There, You Were Meant To Be There…That is all that matters.. The room was filled with such love ❤ A magical night for my hubby, Frank Ramos and he truly enjoyed it ~ I internally felt like I wasn’t really planning  anything big for his 60th birthday and felt a little sad about that. Then every soul that was in that room was a person from a different walk of our life… I can’t express my gratitude of how special this night was and the happiness Frank has shared about last night .. how incredible an evening… Thank you and I mean each and everyone from family, best friends, old friends, school friends, co-workers, music lovers, nightclub friends, softball friends, our son’s friends, picture takers  & all the dancers who have ever “shimmied” on any of Freaky Frankie’s dance floors ~


…the list goes on … it meant the world to the guy about to turn 60.


Thank you with all my heart ❤


Wow ... you got Frank, Shannon & me!

You know it’s a good night when Frank gets on the dance floor!


Happy Birthday Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos


The #Retro Disco Dance Party was spectacular!  The crowd never got off the floor which was absolutely a great gift for the deejay who just happened to be celebrating his 60th birthday!

FreakyFrankieDJRamos next gig is a night of Freestyle at the VFW on Violet Avenue Poughkeepsie  Saturday  March 19. .. More info coming real soon… Want to get disco motivated. .. follow Freaky http://www.mixcloud.com/FreakyFrankieDJRamos


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  Our show is bringing the Decade of Disco back with the music, discography, the artist, the 70s fashion. Co-host Frankie & Carla have been in a love affair for 40 years.Tune in http://www.theground.town to see the fun & loving chemistry they share. Listen to #Disco by Diverse DJs across the planet.


To show how music unites all while enjoying the diverse interpretations by a variety of deejays.


We do an interactive 2 hour show (playing funk, r&b, Disco classics, ) playing songs, trivia & facts on the old school artists.
Contact us backtotheboogie@gmail.com


Hello Disco! Retro Dance Party!

Friday February 19

Italian Center 2 19


We have our first Retro Dance Party of 2016

Join us at the Italian Center 227 Mill Street Poughkeepsie.  Meet up with Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos & Carla Lala Ramos of Back To The Boogie Radio Show and get your dance on!  This party starts at 7:30 – 11:00 pm. (Join in the celebration of Frankie’s Birthday) ~ $5  cover  Open to the Public