Disco Nirvana Tuesday!

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Disco Music is the Root Music of the 70’s Sub Culture Nightlife Scene …

*Disco music is all about the dance … the high energy, the beat came initially from a funk, soul, r&b background. The dance club scene was regularly responsible for breaking major hits. Ed Ward, in The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll (2nd edition), notes that, in this setting, who was playing the records was often more important than what the records were. Deejays helped determine the way records were made. Album-sized singles were introduced to fill deejay needs; these “disco singles” became so popular that a large number of them were released commercially. Radio stations didn’t just add disco cuts to their playlists, they often went all disco. Record companies competed to hire disco insiders and artists.

Enjoy this mix set by Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos.

*excerpts from Robert Birkline, MUS264 … for the complete article http://www.shsu.edu/~lis_fwh/book/hybrid_children_of_rock/Disco2.htm

“Next Evolution Boudoir”

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The shoot ended up being extremely fun and refreshing.  I felt beautiful and sexy. I want to thank Brian Dering of Dering Photography for making me feel at ease in front of a camera. The pics were absolutely “Classy, not trashy.”

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Tune in for some #DiscoNirvana and get your boogie on!


If you have a thing and want to reminisce of the Days of Disco … listen to DJ Ramos on Mixcloud. Today, at noon (est) you can tune in to our radio show as well on http://www.theground.town.

Tomorrow we Go Live! We do our live broadcast on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month for Back To The Boogie Radio … It’s a 2 hour show with a guest deejay Alejandro Alba bringing you a seamless mix for the first segment. We follow that with songs chosen by host, Freaky Frankie DJ according to  his theme. We bring you on a nostalgic journey to the sub culture of the disco days, the songs, the artists and just a heartwarming good time.

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Meet DJ Alejandro Alba

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One of our favorite segments on Back To The Boogie Radio Show is our opening segment with a disco-mix set by guest Deejays. This show is heard universally and based on that fact, we find lovers of Disco music all over the world both in those who deejay as well as those who appreciate to dance. We continue to find deejays around the planet that share a mix set for our show. This month’s mix sets on Back to The Boogie is by DJ Alejandro Alba of Dominican Republic.

DJ Alba’s Profile

A native New Yorker, born in 1968, raised to appreciate a wide range of sounds that helped shape my musical culture. By the time I was 10, Disco Music was at the fore front of the country and the emergence of stations like WKTU [Disco 92] and weekend dance shows on WBLS exposed me to the art of mixing. I instantly became a fan and understudy of the DJ mixers like Ted Currier.
By my 11th birthday I asked my parents for a mixer and 2 turntables, and by Christmas 1979 I was trying to recreate all the mixes I was listening and recording off the radio. In the early 80s my parents decided to move back to their native country of Dominican Republic, where I went to High School and later, college. Meanwhile, throughout the 80s, I was inserted into the Mobile DJ scene of the DR, which exposed me to several Radio Talents with whom I established a professional relationship.
In the late 90s, I became Producer/ Program Director and later GM, of a popular Radio Station [La Rocka 91.7FM]. My Radio career ended in 2006 after an 11 year run where I produced shows like: El Bonche del Viernes [1997-2002], Retro Dance Mix [1997-2002], La Patrulla de la Noche [1999-2002], ElektroPoP [2002-2006]. These shows were mostly House [all sorts] and 80s Dance [in all its forms].
My favorite genres have been: DISCO, Garage House and Deep House
Over the years, I have been very fortunate to collect many of my recorded shows throughout my radio career. Including some that were remotes from various clubs and broadcasted live on radio. After my radio career, I founded a very successful company that provides Media Monitoring services for advertisers and Media Agencies. Currently I’m still mixing as a hobby [all forms of music], just because I’ve never been able to get the music out of my system.
Since Disco Music was what got me started, and it’s the genre that I least was able to mix professionally, I started my DISCO DR profile on mixcloud allowing me to share some of the greatest music that has helped shape many professional DJ’s throughout the last 40 years!
Back To The Boogie Show comes on internet radio “LIVE” the 2nd & 4th Tuesday each month. This 2 hour disco infused show is complete with a 30 minute mix set by guest deejays, followed by co-hosts, Freaky Frankie DJ & Carla Lala Ramos reminiscing the music, the artists, nightclubs and all that invoked the sub-culture of Disco. Tune in on http://www.theground.town or by TUNEIN App tunein.com/radio/The-Ground-s261201/
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Disco History 101 ~ Gotta Keep Dancing


     We Keep The Party Going on Back To The Boogie!

It’s a breath of fresh air to help create great radio shows for Back To The Boogie! We will continue to be on the air the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6 pm!

Besides hearing the music we couldn’t sit down to, on each show I will give out “Disco Tidbits,” disco history, quotes from the artists, fashion trends, night club scene, upcoming events. A quick bit on the history of disco …. from 1900’s to 1933 nightclubs where people danced were underground with prohibition. People danced to a piano or a jukebox. In the late 30’s Swing came into play which brought out more of the couple dancing. 1942La Discotheque, a basement nightclub with only one turntable opens in Paris. The term ‘discotheque’ is used in Europe to describe clubs where there is no live music played.Later in Paris (1947) Paul Pacine opens the Whiskey A-Go-Go club – one of the first ever nightclubs.

It was in the late sixties, early seventies when the art of mixing came into play. Funk, Latin and soul music heavily influenced disco, and it was built from the ground up to be dance music. By 1970, DJ David Mancuso, (he recently died in 2016) and his Loft parties begin in New York, becoming a forerunner of many more private clubs to come. His parties are members-only affairs at his home.

But disco wasn’t limited to the dance floor. The 70s disco era crossed over into other parts of American culture, from roller rinks to the silver screen. In the late 70’s when a radio jock was fired because Disco was going to be the music of that station, DJ Steve Dahl began a “hate” movement where “Disco Sucks” was the rockers anthem.  But in reality Disco never died. It is the root music of all of today’s dance music.

Disco Nirvana Rituals of a Party Girl

On Back To The Boogie Radio Show, we bring music to reminisce the 70’s, 80’s & 90s. High Energy Dance Music. In the 70’s & 80’s, part of the Saturday Night Ritual was the act of getting ready to go out to boogie the night away with your posse.

Some of my girls would all meet up at the disco, but a few of my girlfriends & I had a ceremonial gathering at one particular friend’s house, who had a walk-in closet with clothes & shoes in all sizes ..She had a bohemian flair and wardrobe to match her style. It was as close to being in a thrift store as you possibly could get on a Saturday night around 10 pm. We shared libations, tell stories while we’d pick out outfits and doll ourselves up at her cool art deco-inspired vanity applying makeup all to the disco beat. It was the absolute best start to the rest of the party evening.

We may not get together as often but when we get we ladies get together, we feel exactly the same when we head out to a dance floor where my hubby is usually promoting a disco dance party.


On the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month, you can catch our show “Live” on the air on http://www.theground.town or through TuneIn App tunein.com/radio/The-Ground-s261201/



Ellen Degeneres meet Frank & Carla Ramos … Where the Boogie Never Sleeps

Meet Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos  and Carla Lala Ramos, cohosts of Back to the Boogie Radio Show on the Ground Radio out of Beacon NY. 

This husband & wife team have 40 years of Marriage and Disco under their belt. Their radio show exemplifies fun, interaction with their audience & love of each other and the music. They touch many with their show with an audience of listeners around the world. Instilling the philosophy of being kind each show.

Carla heard the Ellen Show was bringing an audience from #NY2LA and that’s quite a dream on her BuckitDream list…here is their video …they are hoping readers will share their story … Back To The Boogie on #Ellenshow #NY2LA #buckitdream

For the complete video go to their YouTube channel https://youtu.be/DnyJc18H8Mc


Cupid Bobbleheads Goes Disco!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Back to the Boogie Radio Show do a Live Broadcast tonight with a selection of Disco Songs of the heart! Starting off is a mix set by DJ Gilbert Hamel  of Quebec Canada.

Tune in to our Disco infused radio show on Ground Radio at http://www.theground.town or catch it on TuneIn App http://tun.in/sfo2Z

Meet Cohosts Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos and Carla Lala Ramos and guests DJ Dave, aka Brian Dering and DJ RayMorales … aka the Bobbleheads of this evening!

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