Live on air Back To The BoogieMusic has always been a part of Frank’s life. His musical career started unofficially during his sister Norma’s graduation party where he volunteered to play all the party hits of that year. His start professionally came in 1975. It all stems from the love of music of any genre that makes the difference in Frank Ramos’s life.

freaky frankie back to the boogie1

Frank (Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos) and his wife, Carla Ramos, cohosts a radio show together. Back To The Boogie show takes you back on a disco journey of a sub-culture that loved to dance. The show hilights are one hour of mixed music either by Freaky Frankie, or a guest dj on the turntables and the second hour of songs, requests, trivia, discography and the actual stories of the disco days.

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11 24 on the air

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