Disco Nirvana Tuesday!

freaky frankie

Disco Music is the Root Music of the 70’s Sub Culture Nightlife Scene …

*Disco music is all about the dance … the high energy, the beat came initially from a funk, soul, r&b background. The dance club scene was regularly responsible for breaking major hits. Ed Ward, in The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll (2nd edition), notes that, in this setting, who was playing the records was often more important than what the records were. Deejays helped determine the way records were made. Album-sized singles were introduced to fill deejay needs; these “disco singles” became so popular that a large number of them were released commercially. Radio stations didn’t just add disco cuts to their playlists, they often went all disco. Record companies competed to hire disco insiders and artists.

Enjoy this mix set by Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos.

*excerpts from Robert Birkline, MUS264 … for the complete article http://www.shsu.edu/~lis_fwh/book/hybrid_children_of_rock/Disco2.htm

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