Disco Nirvana ~ Back To The Boogie


Back To The Boogie! We broadcast “LIVE” the second & fourth Tuesday of the Month! This Tuesday … 6 pm est …


Looking for a radio show that gives Disco the love & appreciation it deserves? “Back To the Boogie Radio Show” is “Disco Nirvana!” We introduce each show with a mix set by different deejays from all over the planet! It’s inspirational to hear the songs that influenced their mixes and their love of the (70s, 80s some 90s) Disco sub-culture! This week, we share a mix set from DJ Flavio Lorena of Belem, Brazil! Follow that up with “Frankie’s Theme” to his song selections, some “Disco Wisdom” and co host Carla & her “Magic Mirror” interacting with our audience on our “Facebook Live” during the actual show! To the beat, y’all …             🎵🎤🎧

Catch the show on theground.town or http://tunein.com/radio/The-Ground-s261201/

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