This Party Is It!!!

Last Dance …

Frankie Ramos began his deejay career in the night club scene since the mid 70’s. He has promoted disco dance parties to the mature clubbing crowd up til and through November this year. He is a professional at his craft and has honed his skills with his seamless mixes. He proves to create the energy for his dancers time and time again.

Frankie DJ is ready to put his headphones down in the club/party promoting scene and focus his energies to his “Back To The Boogie Radio Show”… Look for him to still bring it to you live on an occasional “Interactive Dance Party” through Facebook Live as well.

freaky-frankie-dj-ramosJoin us this Friday Night at the Italian Center in Poughkeepsie and bring your boogie shoes for this “Last Dance.”




Vincent Price and Thriller

vincent-price-michael-jacksons-head “Back To The Boogie” shares Vincent Price “Thriller” Tidbits

Our radio show, yesterday, began with a clip of Vincent Price with one of his two takes of his “rap or rhyme” for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. To commemorate the anniversary of Vincent Price death (10/25/93), some of Thriller’s Voice Over Segment.

The original name of “Thriller” was “Starlight” but once they decided the theme of the video was horror it became Thriller. Songwriter Rod Temperton wanted a voice from the horror genre to read a poem during the song.  Vincent Price appeared in more than 90 horror films. Peggy Lipton, actress who was married to Quincy Jones (Michael Jackson’s producer) knew Vince Price and suggested him.

Once Vincent Price was booked, Temperton wrote the rhyme in the taxi on the way to the studio. Price recorded his portion in only two takes. Thriller video help create the video rental business. The Library of Congress inducted and chose to preserve it in the National Film Registry in 2009. To this day, the only music video ever.

Gotta Keep Dancing ~

find-a-song-whether-its-disco-or-pop-or-his-hop-or-whatever-just-turn-up-your-stereo-as-high-as-it-goes-and-dance-keep-dancingAccording to research, dancing can make you feel better. I don’t really need any scientific analysis to know that is exactly what it does for me. Dancing is known to release endorphins that reduce pain. Dancing also causes our brains to secrete the “bonding” hormone, oxytocin (also known as the “happy” or “love” neurohormone). High energy dance that includes synchronized movements with others will increase positive.

At Discos, people loved to dance. Rarely does a dance movement fit so precisely within a decade. The beginnings of Disco, started out as an underground movement. Disco is a genre of dance music containing elements of funk, soul, pop, and salsa.  The Disco Scene brought out a sophisticated glamorous appeal in those that participated in this club scene. The original disco subculture was a fusion of the gay urban party scene, partner dancing by the Latinos and African American music. I love dancing for it’s release … so get up and dance!

the hustle11


Disco Nirvana ~ Back To The Boogie


Back To The Boogie! We broadcast “LIVE” the second & fourth Tuesday of the Month! This Tuesday … 6 pm est …


Looking for a radio show that gives Disco the love & appreciation it deserves? “Back To the Boogie Radio Show” is “Disco Nirvana!” We introduce each show with a mix set by different deejays from all over the planet! It’s inspirational to hear the songs that influenced their mixes and their love of the (70s, 80s some 90s) Disco sub-culture! This week, we share a mix set from DJ Flavio Lorena of Belem, Brazil! Follow that up with “Frankie’s Theme” to his song selections, some “Disco Wisdom” and co host Carla & her “Magic Mirror” interacting with our audience on our “Facebook Live” during the actual show! To the beat, y’all …             🎵🎤🎧

Catch the show on or

Halloween Dance Party!!


This party is one of the last two that you will be able to grace the floor to the music mixed by Freaky Frankie DJ Ramos!$20 ticket gets your your first free drink, food, music, dancing and a shot at winning $500 CASH Prize for best costume! As Vincent Price once said, “Can You Dig It?” VFW Post 170 located at 1 Violet Ave Poughkeepsie. This Party starts at 6 pm!!   (845) 452-5407 for tickets or Information ~