Deej Zeno on Back to the Boogie Radio Show


On the second & fourth Tuesday of each month, Co-host Frankie DJ & Carla Lala Ramos have been taking you back every show with songs from 70s Disco  era,  80s Freestyle & creating a story that includes music, discography of the artists, links to songs that you didn’t remember you knew and stories from their heyday of clubbing with the beautiful people of the discos.


Each two hour show consists of three segments:

1. A mix set contributed by Frank or Retro DJS from all over the planet. We have reached out to jocks from Greece, France, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Texas, Miami to New York. Each gives us a perspective of what got their dance floor packed during the “Disco subculture.”

2. Freaky Frankie DJ Themes ~this segment is Frankie’s catalog of songs. Each show he chooses a subject from the titles of songs. Here he will add interesting tidbits about the artist, the song, their record label and “Where Are They Now” with co-host Carla adding colorful stories including 70s disco fashions, club scene and other trivia for an interactive aspect with our listeners.

3. “Disco Wisdom” is a new segment on the show. Freaky Frankie inspires you with words from a lyric of a song. Each of these bits of philosophy are fitting to the challenges in life, some light & entertaining while others are deeply prolific!

“Back To The Boogie” can be heard on the internet on Ground Radio where you will find our schedule of rebroadcasted shows or through Tuneln

Our guest deejay this week is bringing you “Freestyle” from the heart of its birth in NYC. Deej Zeno based out of New York New York. He began his career in the late 70s as well as completing school for audio  engineering. Please see his bio on our Back To The Boogie website


deej Zeno


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