About Last Night

If You Were There, You Were Meant To Be There…That is all that matters.. The room was filled with such love ❤ A magical night for my hubby, Frank Ramos and he truly enjoyed it ~ I internally felt like I wasn’t really planning  anything big for his 60th birthday and felt a little sad about that. Then every soul that was in that room was a person from a different walk of our life… I can’t express my gratitude of how special this night was and the happiness Frank has shared about last night .. how incredible an evening… Thank you and I mean each and everyone from family, best friends, old friends, school friends, co-workers, music lovers, nightclub friends, softball friends, our son’s friends, picture takers  & all the dancers who have ever “shimmied” on any of Freaky Frankie’s dance floors ~


…the list goes on … it meant the world to the guy about to turn 60.


Thank you with all my heart ❤


Wow ... you got Frank, Shannon & me!

You know it’s a good night when Frank gets on the dance floor!


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